18 March 2022

5 Facts about Dental Fillings that you Must Know Before Booking an Appointment

Are you skeptical about getting a dental filling done? If yes, here is an elaborative study on certain things you must know before going for the session.

Tooth filling or dental fillings can be overwhelming if it's your first time! Visiting the dentists could bring a storm of thoughts and anticipations about the procedure, its effects, and aftercare. Decay in the tooth or the dental cavity is a common reason you need to book a session for dental fillings. Tooth decay occurs when you follow the wrong practices of flossing and brushing.

5 Important Things to Know Before getting the Dental Fillings

1.Need for dental filling

How many of you seriously practice dental care regime? Probably very few, as we often tend to ignore the cleansing of teeth and gums as we do for the rest of the body. As a result, the leftover plaque or food particles intervene with dental health leading to a decay in the mouth. 

Improper brushing techniques or excessive consumption of sweet and salty foods also accumulate bacteria in the mouth. This releases harmful toxins, which leads to discoloring of teeth and a yellowish tint develops on it. Decaying of tooth further leads to the cavity, and here are the signs to notice it:

- Discolouring of teeth and bridges in your back teeth
- Chipped of tooth or gaps in the teeth
- Development of holes where your food accumulates
- Greyish black spots behind the teeth that hurt sometimes

If you are already experiencing this, it is the tooth sensitivity that you are facing, and the prolonged sensation could result in mild pain. It literally means you need to see a dentist right away.

2.Dental filling selection

After you are sure that it's tooth decay and dental filling is the only way out, the next step is to choose the right filing into it. It can be anything from cement to composite chemicals that help bond the tooth decays. Your dentist is the proper authority to suggest you an apt treatment for solving the problem of dental decays.

 3.Cost of treatment

Again, the cost of dental fillings depends on a wide range of reasons, such as selecting material as per the decay of tooth, size of the filling, and dentist's expertise in the relevant field. Other factors that need consideration include the leftover tooth structure and the type of treatment you expect.

 4.Post-procedure care

Once the dental filling is completed, the next step is to ask for its post-care. Modern procedures include covering the dental filling with a colored composite that allows you to enjoy foods without any concerns. Now you have a completely healthy tooth that is evident once the procedure completes. Some people might suffer moderate sensitivity issues, but that too might settle down within 48 hours or so. 

However, if you experience prolonged sensitivity, bring it to the knowledge of your dental expert and continue enjoying your favorite foods right away. You can also compliment other home care measures like proper flossing, mouthwash, and brushing for complete recovery.

5. Lasting Period

If you get the dental fillings done through an expert, it could last from 3-7 years, depending on how well you care for the treated area. It is advisable to go for regular checkups and keep a close check on the tooth's discoloration, chipping, or darkening. In some cases, you might also need to go for a tooth replacement.

Wrap Up
Dental fillings are an appropriate treatment for managing tooth decay. It is viable to discuss with your dentist about how to head up with the treatment and post-care related to it. Fillings remain well for quite a long time if you correctly do them. Avoid faulty food habits and adhere to healthy oral hygiene for perfect dental care. 

Quality of treatment also affects and determines the durability of the dental filling. Look for the experienced provider around you and get an appointment to chalk out the troubles and discomfort in your gums or teeth. Have a shiny white smile!