11 March 2022

5 Important Things to Know About Hair Transplant

Is it troubling to witness the receding hairline? What’s the best way to restore it? A hair transplant is an excellent option to find a solution for the shedding away of your strands. Let’s learn a few essential aspects before you opt for a hair transplant.

Long and healthy hair enhances beauty aesthetics and imparts a new appearance to the person. No matter how flawless your skin is, lustrous hair is equally important for acquiring that perfect appearance. Hair clumps in the bathrooms or strands lying on the pillow might devastate an individual, and it needs immediate attention.

5 Facts about Hair Transplant

Why does hair loss occur? Poor sleep, unhealthy diet, lots of chemicals, and stressful schedules are a few reasons leading to hair fall in men and women. Thinning of hair or baldness are a few things that can be treated with a permanent hair transplant. If you are an amateur to it, take a glance at the few things that you must learn in advance before scheduling an appointment with the hair transplant provider.

1. Is hair transplant permanent?

Yes! Once you have a hair transplant done, they would not shed off, unlike natural hair. You can consult your provider about the suitable transplant method amongst the FUT or FUE. Though there are a few tweaks in the procedure, the central idea of this transplant is to pick the hair grafts from the areas with dense hair growth and fix them on the scalp using advanced techniques.

2. Can hair transplants grow?

In most cases, the hair for transplant gets extracted from the back portion of the head. This patch stays least affected by the DTH hormone action resulting in hair loss. Like 100% natural hair is utilized in the process, they are subject to natural growth provided there is a subsequent growth of hair over in the donor region. If you want the transplanted hair to grow, it is imperative to get it done through a skilled provider and follow their advice after the procedure.

3. Is it essential to take any lifetime drugs after hair transplant surgery?

No. It is a permanent transplant; you do not have to take any lifetime medications. This procedure is effective only on one patch where you are facing baldness and need to cover it with new follicles. You must always complement other treatments and procedures to retain the overall health of the hair effectively.

4. Can the hair transplant procedure be painful?

As a hair transplant is a surgical procedure, a certain level of discomfort is normal. Perhaps, taking effective measures can help you ensure a quick recovery and prevent potential side effects associated with the transplant. Go for a specialized provider who optimizes innovative techniques to retain your hair health by suggesting a complete hair care regime.

5. By when can one notice the positive results of the hair transplant?

It takes a minimum of 2-3 months after the surgery to mark the growth of new hair follicles. However, it might take almost 10-12 months to identify a noticeable growth in the area you have been treated for baldness.

Wrap Up

A hair transplant is a surgery that does not require any minimum age limit. Either the candidate must be 18 years of age, or they should have the consent of their guardians to get the hair transplant surgery. Those facing hair loss due to genetic issues might need additional tips and treatment to revive back the hair growth. Hair transplant is an invasive treatment, and there is a very light scar left that vanishes after quite a while.

Experts recommend a minimum gap of 6 months between the two hair transplants. There is also a specific limitation to the areas from where hair can get extracted, and our doctors at can guide you further on it. If you are also looking for a permanent solution to your hair fall issues, switch to this treatment and await that amazing lustrous hair you have always been craving for a long!