7 February 2022

5 Main Causes of Toothache- What Leads to a Hurting Tooth?

Toothaches can make your life miserable! It could be terrible to experience unbearable pain while trying to munch on your favorite dessert. What could be worse is identifying the root cause of this problem to come up with solutions. Below slated is the list of common reasons that could lead to a painful tooth that requires the immediate attention of a dentist.

Figuring the main problem of toothache is the starting step towards getting it diagnosed properly. But, first, let’s check the reasons for toothaches to determine the best solutions for the same.

Leading Causes of Toothache :

1. Tooth Decay - Tooth decay is probably the number one cause of tooth pain anybody would have experienced in their lifetime. The pain may vary from a slight sensitivity to severe excruciating pain depending on the amount of tooth decay. Even though it is a common problem, people do tend to neglect it until it is too late. Only way to diagnose an early tooth decay is by having a routine dental checkup. If you are experiencing pain due to decay, see your dentist at the earliest.

2. Orthodontic Alignment - Dental alignment system, braces, and retainers can lead to oral discomfort. If you have recently done adjustments or tightening of teeth, this can increase pain. And if it continues leading to further discomfort, it’s appropriate to see an orthodontist so that your daily schedule remains unaffected.

3. Misaligned teeth - If you have misaligned teeth arranged inappropriately, it can also lead to pain in the teeth. The growth of wisdom teeth across the gum line can also lead to pain. Such issues must be brought to the notice of the dentist as they can provide the perfect orthodontic solution like surgery, braces, and other ways to fix bad teeth.

4. Wrong brushing or flossing - People often cannot pay attention to their toothaches, resulting in issues. Pressing the teeth with floss or brush can lead to inflammation, irritation, and gums bleeding. Right bristled toothbrushes are the best way to deal with this.

5. Teeth Grinding - Bruxism and teeth grinding are other reasons causing pain in the neck, jaw, muscle, and other close areas. People having a habit of grinding teeth often leads to a stressful situation. Excessive grinding can also lead to clenching of the jaw, and you can notice the back and forth teeth rubbing with each other. This can also lead to soreness in joints and bones as chipped teeth can be very painful. The right way out for this is to use a customized mouthguard that helps relieve the teeth stress when you are sleeping.

Other lists of causes leading to Toothache are :

  • Dental Sealants or Fillings- Dental fillings can aid protection to the tricky parts of your teeth. Once the protectant sealant moves off, the sensitive teeth region gets exposed, and harmful bacteria or food particles enter it. If you are experiencing tooth pain or a stinging sensation, booking an appointment with the dentists is the best way to restrict further damages or decays.
  • Sensitivity to temperatures- If you have an existing tooth issue, it would be trivial to munch on too hot or cold foods. This is known as teeth sensitivity and signifies that your tooth is prone to decay.
  • Tooth Fractures- Dental fractures are rare, but they do happen, and unless a professional examines, it is hard to identify.
  • Gum diseases, Abscess of teeth, and Tooth Decay are other common problems that lead to severe toothache and sensitivity.

Wrapping Up

After scouring through the different reasons for toothache, it is evident that this can be a serious concern if not diagnosed promptly. If the problem exceeds and the pain gets excruciating, consulting a professional expert at Aesthetica Veda could help get the timely relief of it.

Faulty food habits and carelessness in dental care are the common reasons leading to cavities, sensitivity, or several dental issues. If you identify any of these symptoms, its best to get the examination done right away and get the best results! Contact us at