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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1 Why is Abdominoplasty done?

    Abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck) is a procedure where excess loose skin from your tummy is removed to create a flat and attractive abdomen. It is also done to restore a woman’s look after she has gone through pregnancy and lactation which makes the tummy skin loose and saggy with stretch marks. These women also have a weakness of the abdominal muscles (Rectus divarication) which is also corrected during the procedure.


  • 2

    Classical abdominoplasty is done where the cut is made from one hip to the other within the area where the undergarments cover it and an elliptical piece of skin is removed.

    When this is combined with liposuction, it is called Lipo-abdominoplasty.

    When only a minor correction is required, a mini-abdominoplasty is done with a small scar over the pubic region.

  • 3

    Usually 2-3 days of hospital admission is required.

  • 4

    You will be seen by our anaesthetist before surgery and then admitted on the day of surgery. The surgery is conducted under general anaesthesia and takes about 2-3 hours. Cuts are made as explained above and an elliptical piece of skin is excised. The weak muscles are repaired. Sometimes a mesh placement is necessary to augment the weak musculature. The abdominal skin is then redraped and absorbable stitches are applied. Liposuction is done through tiny stab incisions which are not noticeable. You will have waterproof dressings over these wounds. You will be given some painkillers, antibiotics and blood-thinning medications. You will be advised to wear compression garments after surgery. You will be discharged after 2-3 days when you are comfortable and able to walk.

  • 5

    There will be a follow up appointment after 1 week to check the wound. Most of the swelling goes down in a week, but final results can be usually seen after 6 weeks of surgery when the swelling and bruising completely recedes.

  • 6

    You will be able to go back to normal activities after a week. Strenuous activity like jogging, gym and sports can be resumed after 6 weeks.


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