Local anesthesia




6 - 8 Hours


1 - 3 Days after the procedure


4 to 6 Months


Mild while giving local anesthesia

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1 What is hair transplantation?

    Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that involve implanting hair from the back of the scalp (donor area) to the front of the scalp (recipient area) where there is loss of hair.

  • 2

    There are mainly two types – FUE and FUT :

    FUE – Follicle Unit Extraction – Here each hair follicle is harvested with the use of punches from the donor area (back of scalp) and later implanted over the recipient area. (bald area)
    Pros – No scar
    Minimal downtime when compared to FUT Faster recovery
    Less discomfort post procedure

    FUT – Folliclular Unit Transplantation – Here a strip skin is cut from the back of scalp and individual hair follicles are extracted from this strip of skin and later implanted into the recipient area.
    Pros – less time consuming than FUE
    Cons – a linear scar in the donor area
    Post procedure discomfort and pain is more when compared to FUE


  • 3

    Male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness, hair loss due to scarring.

  • 4

    No both males and females can undergo hair transplantation.

  • 5

    Local anaesthesia is injected into the scalp to make the procedure pain free.

  • 6

    Around 6- 7 hours depending upon the no. of grafts to be harvested.

  • 7

    You can resume simple daily activities the next day after procedure, but a rest of 3 days is advised.

  • 8

    Mild heaviness in the head and pain which is well taken care by medications prescribed.

    In some cases , swelling in the forehead and eyes after 3 days, which will temporary and subsided with ice pack and massage.

  • 9

    Yes, the first follow up will be the next day after the procedure and the second follow up will be 10 days after the procedure.

    During the follow up period the surgeon will examine the scalp, explain the post care instructions to be followed and prescribe medications for maintenance.

  • 10

    The scalp is cleansed with an antiseptic solution, local anaesthetic is injected into the scalp

    In FUE, the surgeon harvests the individual hair follicles using punches from the donor area

    In FUT, the surgeon cuts around 1-1.5cm wide skin on the back of the scalp, the wound is closed by suturing the skin

    The hair follicles are separated and the surgeon implants the grafts into the preformed slits in the recipient area.

    The scalp is dressed and covered with a surgical cap.

  • 11

    Immediately after the procedure the implanted hair falls off in 2 – 3 weeks leaving the roots behind, new hair starts to appear in 4 - 6 months.

  • 12

    Usually, one session would be all that it takes, but depending on the area, surgeon may advise for 2-3 sessions.

  • 13

    It’s a very safe procedure when performed by an expert surgeon.

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