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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1 What are the types of Breast augmentation?

    Either fat or silicone implant can be used to do breast augmentation. In fat grafting, fat is borrowed from your tummy, waist and thigh, processed and then transferred to the breast to increase the volume. With an implant, a smooth, round silicone implant is placed in both the breasts through a small cut in the inframammary crease or breast fold.


  • 2

    It is a daycare procedure and you will be discharged from the hospital on the same day of surgery.

  • 3

    You will be seen by our anaesthetist before surgery and then admitted on the day of surgery. The surgery is conducted under general anaesthesia and takes about 1 hour. A small cut is made in the breast crease under the breast, which is completely hidden. A pocket is created and the silicone implant is inserted by no-touch technique. The wound is closed with absorbable stitches. You will be given some painkillers and antibiotics and discharged on the same day evening. You will be advised to wear a comfortable sports bra after surgery.

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    There will be a follow-up appointment after 1 week to check the wound. Most of the swelling goes down in a week, but final results can be usually seen after 6 weeks of surgery when the swelling and bruising completely recedes.

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    You will be able to go back to normal activities from the next day. Strenuous activity like jogging, gym and sports can be resumed after 3 weeks.

  • 6

    Infection, bleeding, swelling, bruising and pain are common complications that can happen. The pain will be managed by our acute pain service team while in the hospital. Capsular contracture is an important complication that can cause deformed and stiff breasts when smooth implants are used. In that case, the implant might have to be taken out, capsule excised and a new implant placed. ALCL type of lymphoma cancer has been known to occur occasionally when textured implants are used.

  • 7

    Most women can breastfeed even after undergoing breast augmentation surgery.


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