21 February 2022

Simple and Effective Tips to Get Rid of Hair Loss and Hair Breakage

Are you experiencing unidentified hair loss? It could not be very comforting for men and women to shed hair as they are an essential factor to enhance a person's appearance. There are a plethora of reasons contributing to hair loss issues like frizzy hair, diet, exercise, or other hormonal imbalances. Let's dive into ways to prevent this. 
Hair breakage and loss are usually temporary, and you can reverse them. However, before scouting over the tips to prevent it, take a quick glance at the primary causes of hair breakage in men and women. 

Causes of Hair Loss

1.Styling brushing- This is the main reason for hair loss as perming, coloring, and straightening lead to chemical use that weakens the hair bonds from within. Few shampoos are also known to make your hair appear frizzy and brittle. The pH level of the shampoo takes a negative toll on hair health. 

2.Over Brushing- Many women and men have this habit of combing their hair multiple times a day, and too many brushstrokes lead to reduced hair quality. 

3.Overheating or no moisture- The application of heating methods too many times also leads to damaged hair shafts and extracts moisture from it. This further results in significant hair damage. 

4.Towel Drying- Another reason for hair breaking is towel drying the wet hair, which leads to breakage. Wrap them with a towel and allow them to dry in the natural air. 

Other reasons for hair fall and hair breakage are:

- Faulty diet
- Stress and anxiety
- Thyroid disorders and fungal disorder
- Eating disorders 
- Post Pregnancy
- Genetics

5 Tips to Treat Hair Breakage

Bolstering hair health means making a few changes in your hair care routine and giving yourself a unique makeover. The addition of certain products and regimes can enable you to cope with increasing hair loss issues. Below are the ways to deal with this. 

1.New Hair Routine- Regular oiling, shampoo, and conditioner application are the few basic things that could help in securing good hair health. Trying different hair routines such as various styling methods or prevention of hair from damages are a few ways to use gentle products and avoid excessive hair damage. Use good quality products to strengthen your hair and restore the essential proteins and minerals into it. 

2.Invest in good conditioners- Most people face hair loss and breakage due to the wrong selection of conditioners. A good one can neutralize the charge of hair, and the result is reduced tangles or hair frizz. Besides, good conditioners can also impart complete smoothness to your hair. 

3.Dietary Changes- Another way to restore hair strength is by concentrating on a good diet. You must switch to foods rich in protein, iron, biotin, protein, zinc, and omega-3. This could help in strengthening your hair from roots back again. Mediterranean diet consist of fruits, vegetables and protein is considered an ideal one. 

4.Regular exercises- Meditation and yoga can prove effective in coping with the stress that is another reason for hair fall. Spare some time for yourself so that the hair strands can rejuvenate from inside, thus providing you a pitch-perfect look. 

5.Stay happy- Above all, feeling positive and happy about yourself is crucial that most people fail to do. Unless you believe in yourself, it is impossible to stay in good health. You can also seek the assistance of professional hair specialists at Aesthetics Veda to improve your hair health conditions. 

Final Takeaway

Hair loss and breakage are frustrating! But, perhaps, if you correct the issues in the right way and incorporate some lifestyle changes, it is quite possible to change the scenario. It is also considered to see a professional if you have any other underlying medical issues that result in hair fall problems! Check our medication and laser therapy consult